Candle Care

In order to ensure you get the cleanest and best burn with your candle, please consider the following care tips:

1. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch prior to each burn. After the first burn, you are likely to only need to trim off the bud off the wick. This helps to ensure that the flame remains at a safe height, the wick emits no soot and your candle doesn't burn too quickly.

2. Let the candle burn all the way to the edges during your first burn. This initial melt should take approximately 4 hours and will be a way to set your wax memory to burn to the edges of the jar with each consecutive burn. 

3. Use a candle snuffer or the lid of the jar to extinguish your flame. Blowing out your candle is a safety concern and increases the chances of your wick breaking off into your wax. If you choose to use the lid of your jar, just place the lid on top of the jar opening once ready to extinguish and ensure the flame is entirely out before leaving unattended. 

If you are using a wax warmer:

1. Our wax melts will work in any wax warmer.

2. When popping a single cube of wax out of your packaging, please note that crumbling and breaking of surrounding wax is normal as soy wax is very soft. 

3. Once you are done with the wax that is in the warmer, use a cloth to wipe away the wax before cooling completely. Running the warming tray under warm water and using a light soap can assist you in clearing away any remaining wax. Please be sure to check your specific warmer for proper washing instructions. 

PLEASE NOTE: Violet & Ash Candle Co. is not responsible for any misuse of our products. Kindly refer to the warning labels located on the bottom of the jars for further safety instructions.